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Why do we need more houses in Cromer?

In the longer term Cromer will need some 600 houses. This development will provide half of the long term need in the best position for the town.

Why do we need these sports facilities?

There has been a need for football and sports facilities in Cromer for years. The junior club has to tour all over North Norfolk to play and there are now some 200 youngsters involved. The lack of long term facilities have hindered both the Cromer Town FC and the Cromer Youth FC and Cabbell Park has been sold subject to finding a new site. This is the proposed site.

Why this site rather than any other?

Development of houses (which are needed) will be largely hidden by the existing woods and enables the provision of a sports area for the football clubs. The site is on a bus lane; within walking distance of the schools and on the main road to Norwich so will not attract more through traffic into the centre of Cromer. Other shortlisted sites do not have the traffic capacity.

Why in an AONB?

Whichever site is used they are all in the AONB because the AONB covers most of the potential land around Cromer including the competitive sites listed on the recent Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) This site at least has the advantage of the houses being hidden by existing woods and will be difficult to see from any direction.

Why not simply provide the sports pitches?

The houses pay for the infrastructure and the expensive roundabout which is needed; and in turn the land owner provides the land for the sports pitches free of charge – the housing enables the sports development to happen in the first place.

Will there be affordable houses provided?

Yes - this will be a mixed housing development of around 270 to 300 houses and not simply executive homes. The aim as per the draft plans is to have a modern child friendly environment built using traditional local materials.

Will there be new footpaths?

Yes including a completely separate cycle and footpath crossing the railway (similar to the one closer in to Cromer over the old M&GN railway viaduct) so safe to bike and walk down to schools and town.

Will there be any new public amenities?

The woods will have public footpaths through them and there are public green areas in the plan including new allotments. It is hoped to have a clubhouse that can also be used by the wider community.

How many football pitches will there be?

This is up to the football clubs but there is ample space for two full sized pitches and other small 5 a side pitches; or one full size and two smaller and then several 5 a side pitches; together with parking and a clubhouse.

Who will pay for the pitches and clubhouse?

The land will be free on a very long lease (99 years). There is money already available from the sale of Cabbell Park to lay the pitches and the Club will apply to the FA and Sports England for funding to support facilities.

Will there be floodlights on the pitches?

This has to be decided and depends upon the needs of the Anglia league but any lighting will be kept to the minimum. The aim is to keep the sports pitches dark sky where possible

Why is the roundabout near the bridge?

It will slow traffic over the bridge and indeed it straightens the approach to the bridge itself. The road design includes all the latest safety thinking and has been cleared with Norfolk Highways.

Will there be a second entrance?

There may be one at the southern end for at the least emergency vehicles. Minimising traffic at that entrance helps keep the sports pitches traffic free and safer.

How soon can this be provided?

This depends upon the public reaction. If people are generally supportive then the plan will be submitted for planning in September or October this year with the ability to deliver operational pitches by about Summer 2020. If not then the site will go into the general longer term site plan which will take a further 2or 3 years at least.

Will there be a footpath through to Roughton Road station?

That is the longer term aim so that residents and visiting teams and supporters can come by train. It depends on network rail providing a footpath next to the current houses.

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